Job Search Tip Winter Special

September 10, 2016 by Margaret Townsend
Job Search Tip Winter Special

The season to be jolly is coming up. To jolly well take advantage of HR practices and turn them in your favour with our number one seasonal job search tip.

During the Summer months and in the first quarter of the year, human resources and hiring managers are inundated with resumes and CVs from job hunters who have a new year resolution to find a job and college grads looking for work experience to begin their professional career.

If you are job hunting, Winter will bring welcome relief because recruiters become less busy for a while, have more time to answer calls and emails and as the year progresses have a smaller pool of fresh job applicants to choose from.

Added to that, in many companies positions must be filled by end of year for financial reasons, so there is a little more pressure on the human resource department to hire.

This is your opportunity to find work or change jobs. The clever job seeker will get busy in the last quarter of the year. Here’s what you should do:

  • Ensure your resume is up to date so you only need to click ‘upload’ and ‘apply’ when you see a job you like
  • Don’t forget to add any refresher courses or temporary positions you held over the Summer months
  • Check for job ads on the same day each week, right up to the last week of the year
  • Apply for jobs online immediately when you see them
  • If you spot a job in newsprint that suits you then apply with a concise and well written cover letter attached to your resume, well before the closing date
  • If you are hoping to move into another role within the same company, then find out who is responsible for hiring in that section and contact them directly, making sure to provide them with an up to date copy of your resume and a concise cover letter stating why you feel you would be a good fit for the position

Remember, don’t fade away toward the end of the year. This is what most other people do and the very reason you should get even more enthusiastic in ¬†your job search – you’ve got the advantage now.

So this is our Number One Winter Special Job Search Tip: Go For It!

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An experienced recruiter and job seeker, now co-founder of a private job search website. Blogs are full of practical tips and advice on career development, work-life balance, the job search and the job interview. Also writes in-depth unique articles about workplace issues such as gender diversity, HR practices, culture fit, employee engagement and gainful employment.

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