Best Career Advice: Get A Free Career Coach

September 12, 2016 by Margaret Townsend
Career Advice: Get a Free Career Coach

How To Get A Free Career Coach

Or put another way, career advice, tailored to your needs. There are thousands of career websites published online and you will get to see the ones best optimized for your specific search query.

That doesn’t mean you will get the best advice, just the ones with phrases and titles containing the words you entered in the search box and perhaps those with large marketing budgets who can more easily elbow their way to the top of search engines.

Are you missing good career advice?

At the heart of the best career advice blogs should be the intention to help you, even if they are asking for something in return, such as a sign up, a follow or engagement on some level. But many have similar content on the same topics and are not tailored to your needs.

It would be great if Google could somehow take your opinion on board, rather than judge websites on keywords, traffic and how much time you spent looking around the site. Because then they would understand what career advice you really need and which topics or aspects of your own working life are not being covered adequately.

But search engines do not ask your opinion. They don’t even let you rate websites for their relevance to the query you just entered. They are simply presenting some options for you to dig a little deeper for what you want.

Career Advice Tailored to Your Needs

Talking to somebody about your own situation and figuring out your path with you sounds like just what you need. Instead of reading generalized career advice online which never really satisfies beyond a certain point, with a one-to-one you get to ask questions and receive advice pertinent to you and your working life.

That would be great, except hiring a career coach can be expensive and the extra time involved in coaching sessions may not be available to you right now.

How to get tailored Career Advice for free

Here is how you can get free career advice relevant to you.

If you find articles and blogs online that you believe share really good career advice, are easy to understand, are well written and contain unique content, look up the writer to get a feel for other work they have produced and read some of those.

Once you have found writers within the career advice and career coaching space that you like, comment on some of their blogs and articles. Within your comment ask the writer to cover subjects and topics relevant to you. You’d be surprised how little this happens.

You have now helped the writer to tailor their work to your needs, making it personal to you.

Bookmark those sites as you will want to revisit. It may take a little time for these writers to see your comments and produce exactly what you want, but while they are working on their projects you can get on with your own life and check back in to read the advice as it is published in the days and weeks ahead. All free to you.


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